Extremeña de Arroces

Along the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, on its journey towards the Atlantic, the Guadiana River in its middle stretch, in Extremadura, opens up to a fertile valley. These are “Las Vegas del Guadiana”, where thousands of hectares are irrigated using the enormous reserves of pure and clean water managed in a vast system of dams that constitute a set of beautiful and efficient interior lakes.

This irrigation lands form a rich aquatic agro - ecosystem of enormous ecological importance where more than 25,000 ha. of rice are cultivated. Five cooperatives of rice farmers, who altogether produce more than 100,000 metric tons, have built a modern rice industry with the capacity to process and transform most of their production.

This company is EXTREMEÑA DE ARROCES, which is formed by the own farmers, guaranteeing the traceability of the rice during its entire process with an ongoing and flexible supply.