Rice is grown on the farms of Extremeña de Arroces partners. On all phases, they are advised by the technical services of the cooperatives, and the growing is carried out according to prescriptions and indications of these technical services and under the requirements and demands of the integrated production ( a sustainable farming system using principles of ecology, the study of relationships between organism and their environment, using natural resources and regulating mechanisms to replace polluting inputs).

The harvest is carried out in a mechanized way, the paddy is taken to the dryers and warehouses belonging to the same cooperatives where it undergoes its first selection and classification and remains stored waiting to be transported to the transformation plant.

All Rice that enters Extremeña de Arroces comes 100 % from its partners own production. Each truck undergoes an inspection and sampling to verify the optimal state of the raw material in order to guarantee the quality of our finished products.

We are in an environment of absolutely clean water, lands and surroundings using farming techniques which meet the highest demands of food safety, and industrial plants with the most modern technologies.

For that reason, we can assure the quality, traceability and supply a healthy and natural product.